Beer, Cider & other beverages

The 2018 beer and cider list is now ready.

We also have a dedicated Pimms tent area which also offers Prosecco, G&T's, red and white wine. Soft drinks are also available around the festival.

2018 Beer List

1MeditationTurpins Brewery, Cambridge4.3%
Easy drinking and refreshing pale ale with floral and citrus notes.
2Cambridge BlackTurpins Brewery, Cambridge4.6%
The Cambridge Black is a tribute to all things Cambridge. Its bold flavours, dark colours and smooth finish create a beer that emulates that Cambridge perfection
3Dragons DenTurpins Brewery, Cambridge3.9%
Light amber colour, brewed with Mosaic hops, this golden ale has a citrus and blueberry aroma, tropical fruit and pine with citrus flavours and a dry hoppy finish.
4Half NelsonPapworth Brewery, Papworth4.2%
A well balanced ruby IPA, with New Zealand hops providing a delightfully fresh and zesty finish.
5Crystal ShipPapworth Brewery, Papworth4.2%
A classic English Golden Ale with a subtle malt aroma and strong hop finish from Golding hops.
6Mad JackPapworth Brewery, Papworth3.8%
A perfectly balanced session bitter - caramel overtones and a gentle citrus aroma lead to a long hop finish
7Red KitePapworth Brewery, Papworth4.7%
A full bodies ruby IPA - a long and strong hop finish bursting with tropical fruit flavours from gartuitous overuse of hops.
8Big SurPapworth Brewery, Papworth5.0%
West coast pale ale
9Gold RushSt Peters Brewery, South Elmham, Suffolk4.3%
A truly golden ale with a noticeable orange citrus bitterness courtesy of blending Admiral and Cascade hops. The late addition of progress hops then gives a tail of grassy and spicy aromas. An explosion of taste in your mouth.
10Ruby Red AleSt Peters Brewery, South Elmham, Suffolk4.3%
An auburn red ale with subtle malt undertones and a pleasing aroma of vine fruits. This ale brewed with Rye Crystal malt in the mash has distinctive spicy peppery and pleasant woody flavours. Won Silver at The Global Beer Masters – The drinks Business Awards 2016!
11Golden AleSt Peters Brewery, South Elmham, Suffolk4.0%
English Pale malts coupled with Challenger and Goldings hops provide the bitterness and aroma. The result is a highly distinctive light, golden ale similar in character to a full-bodied Czech lager. Contains Barley (Gluten).
12Juice RocketThree Blind Mice Brewery, Little Downham, Cambs.4.5%
A juicy hoppy session I.P.A. Hopped with Mosaic, Citra & Columbus
13CentennialThree Blind Mice Brewery, Little Downham, Cambs.4.2%
Part of our single hop series. This time showcasing centennial hops which deliver piney and mandarin flavour to a smooth creamy malt base.
14Nothing Rhymes with OrangeThree Blind Mice Brewery, Little Downham, Cambs.4.0%
Orange & Lemon Witbier. A Belgian style wheat beer using orange and lemon combined with classic Witbier yeast. Subtle citrus flavours, medium body & classic yeast making for a very easy drinking beer.
15DionysusMilton Brewery, Cambs.3.6%
Straw coloured bitter, powerfully hoppy with a fine citrus finish
16MedusaMilton Brewery, Cambs.4.6%
Strong mild. Cocoa, vanilla and fruitcake aromas are backed by a satisfying yet subtle bitterness.
17JustinianMilton Brewery, Cambs.3.9%
Crisp pale gold coloured bitter, attractive orange flavours persist in a lasting finish
18PrometheusMilton Brewery, Cambs.6.0%
A true IPA. Strong, hoppy, bitter and delicious. A blend of five hops gives this pale ale a proper punch
19MinervaMilton Brewery, Cambs.4.6%
Golden ale. Brewed with US, NZ and British hops for a powerful hop punch and satisfying bitterness. First brewed in collaboration with Prof. Mary Beard when it was felt that a some feminine wisdom could usefully be added to our range.
20Wilburton WobblerMilton Brewery, Cambs.4.5%
Festival special, not available elsewhere, deceptively potent!
21Big Bad WolfLord Conrad Brewery, Cambridge4.0%
Big bad is a pale golden ale with tropical aroma and a citrusy bitter finish. At 4% ABV it won't blow your house down.
22Spiffing WheezeLord Conrad Brewery, Cambridge3.9%
Pale white with lemongrass
23SpectrumLord Conrad Brewery, Cambridge4.0%
A dark brown black with a chocolate and summer hoppyness on the nose
24Goat TosserAngles Ales4.4%
A medium brown old English best bitter with an ABV of 4.4%. Made using Maris Otter, light crystal and cara malts and a four-stage hopping process using Fuggles, Goat Tosser provides a well balanced malty beer combining old English hops and the yeast esters from the fermentation process.
25Feral NunAngles Ales5.0%
A dark ruby strong bitter with an ABV of 5%. Pale ale malts are combined with roasted and torrified barley to produce a distinctive porteresque-type ale with subtle Maillard reaction notes mellowed by a two-stage hopping process with East Kent old English hops.
26American Pale AleCrafty Beers4.6%
Abundantly dry-hopped APA with plenty of America's favourite hops
27IncognitoCrafty Beers4.0%
Dark amber best bitter, augmented by moderate dry-hopping to give a refreshing finish
28Sauvignon BlondeCrafty Beers4.4%
An aromatic golden ale showcasing the very popular Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand
29Duneham AleDownham Isle Brewery4.0%
This ale develops a classic malt and fruity taste right to the last drop. It is non-filtered in order to produce a complex full flavour and aroma profile.
30English Pale AleDownham Isle Brewery4.0%
The simple recipe gives a crisp pale ale with exquisite gooseberry aromas provided by the excellent New Zealand Hop
31Ely GooseDownham Isle Brewery5.0%
Downham Isle's innovative take on an American Pale Ale. Ely Goose is a careful blend of four specialty malts and a generous helping of cascade hops producing a big distictive craft beer that encapsulates the spirit of the good ol' U.S with a subtle Ely twist.
32Special Summer AleDownham Isle Brewery4.5%
Summer Ale is crisp and refreshing, traditionally brewed light straw coloured hoppy ale with a hint of fruiteness
33Black DogElgoods3.6%
Black Dog is a traditional dark mild at 3.6%ABV. It has many CAMRA awards to its name and is a well-known brand in the free-trade. The beer is well balanced with a full roast flavour. The use of crystal malt and roast barley give a deep underlying characteristic flavour, which is balanced with Fuggles hops as the sole variety.
34Cambridge IPAElgoods3.8%
A classic English Ale, a blend of Pale Ale, Crystal and amber malts gives a smooth beer with a full malty flavour, with hints of dry biscuit. The hops are a blend of 4 English varieties and the bitterness is balanced by malt fruity notes. A long finish is complimented by the hop aroma which has a hint of spice.
35Four KissesLacons4.0%
Crisp fruit greets the nose before a wave of melon and grapefruit. Bittersweet finish and golden hue. Four kisses or XXXX as it was known locally, was a very sought after thirst quenching ale. Popular with typical gentleman drinkers, it also gained quite a reputation in the late 1950s with females alike carrying a novel expression of 'four kisses for the missus'.
A pale ale, packed with a smooth citrus punch. Balanced dry pine and zesty flavour throughout that finishes with a robust long bitterness.
Lemon and grapefruit on the nose. Light blonde ale, deep with flavour. Lemon and lime bates the palate to a lengthy mellowed finish.
38Dark HorseElmtree5.0%
Rich coffee and classic hops dominate the nose. Dark ripe fruit in the mouth and a velvet smoothness compliment the strength in the body.
39Burstons CuckooElmtree3.8%
A glorious nasal feast of floral hops with a tantalising hint of citrus, rounding off into a refreshingly long dry finish. Wonderful with spicy food.
40Saffron CitraSaffron3.8%
Light golden ale. Brewed with citra hops to create a grapefruit aroma with a crisp gooseberry finish
41Dusk til DawnSaffron3.8%
Traditional copper coloured bitter with a hint of citrus and biscuit maltiness
42Saffron IPASaffron3.6%
Light golden copper ale. Smooth toffee and malt flavours with a hint of citrus spice
43WithoutSt Peters0.1%
A clean, crisp, alcohol free, organic ale which is pale straw in colour. This unique beer has distinct zingy citrus and biscuit flavours, followed by a smooth hop bitterness. Brewed exclusively using organically grown malted barley and hops.
44Without OrganicSt Peters0.1%
A clean, crisp, alcohol free, organic ale which is pale straw in colour. This unique beer has distinct zingy citrus and biscuit flavours, followed by a smooth hop bitterness. Brewed exclusively using organically grown malted barley and hops.
45Golden WithoutSt Peters0.1%
A refreshingly golden coloured alcohol-free creft beer, which has an ever so slightly sweet malt flavour, combined with a pleasingly subtle citrus flavour in the mouth.

2018 Cider List

1Piggy in the Middle Pickled Pig, Stretham6.5%
It is a medium vintage cider blended from two different year's production. Smooth, fruity and easy to drink - be careful!
2Sweet Little PigPickled Pig, Stretham6.0%
Sweet and fruity cider, slips down easily. A good 'beginners' cider...
3Old SpotPickled Pig, Stretham6.5%
Dry cider
4Wilbur FestSpinney Abbey, Wicken, Cambs4.0%
Festival Special, brewed to celebrate Wilburton's 20th festival
5Monk and DisorderlySpinney Abbey, Wicken, Cambs5.6%
Sweet cider brewed at Spinney Abbey Farm, close to the old abbey with its connections to the Cromwell family.
6Virgin on the RidiculousSpinney Abbey, Wicken, Cambs5.6%
Medium-sweet cider brewed at Spinney Abbey Farm, close to the old abbey with its connections to the Cromwell family
7Dirty HabbitSpinney Abbey, Wicken, Cambs4.0%
Medium-sweet cider brewed at Spinney Abbey Farm, close to the old abbey with its connections to the Cromwell family.
8Downham TickleDownham Cider, Downham5.4%
Is a medium cider made using three varieties of apple's grown in Downham Market.
9JonagoldDownham Cider, Downham5.8%
Using single variety of apple  we only make this cider in a year when the fruit is really good. 
10Bourbon CaskDownham Cider, Downham4.8%
Appley on entry, nice smoke on the release.
11Oliver's ChoiceCromwells6.7%
A medium dry cider which is the most popular and ‘mainstay’ of our range with an abv of around 6.7%.
12Oliver's DownfallCromwellswe'll get back to you
Oliver’s Choice cider that has been Oak Cask conditioned and taken on the full character of the Islay whiskey casks used, making it a very special cider indeed.
13Cavalier's PerryCromwells6.5%
Made from Conference and Comice pears that are allowed to fully ripen on the tree to produce a light and bright medium perry at around 6.5%. This perry, which is also sold as keg, is becoming very popular and our fastest growing line.

2018 Other drinks

A true taste of summer, served with lemonade and a fruity punch with fresh mint leaves, cucumber, orange and strawberries
2 Prosecco11.0%
A lively, refreshing wine full of bright citrus fruit flavours with background floral notes
3Special Dry GinEly Gin38%
This Special Dry “London” Gin is the base of all our flavoured gins, and so is designed to be heavy on juniper and other “bass notes”, such as liquorice and cardamom. This is so that the gin can carry the other flavours in the range (such as lemon or grapefruit), without getting overwhelmed.
4Raspberry GinEly Gin30%
From the moment the bottle is opened, the delicious summer aroma of raspberries assails the nose. On the tongue, it is the raspberries that hit first: sweet, but not overpoweringly so; the “kick” from the juniper berries in the gin then follows through to give a delicious warmth at the back of the tongue.
5Rhubarb GinEly Gin30%
Fresh tangy rhubarb, complimented by notes of Ugandan vanilla and with just the right amount of sweetness, this gin is great served with tonic and best shared with friends.
6Pink Grapefruit GinEly Gin30%
Re-live the glamour of the 1920’s with this full-flavoured medium-sweet grapefruit gin made using whole, fresh, pink grapefruits.
7Lemon GinEly Gin30%
Gin with lemon is a classic combination. We use fresh lemons (approximately one whole lemon in each large bottle) to give an intense lemon flavour, then temper it with just a touch of sugar. The end result has been desribed as bold, zesty and refreshing. We just find it particularly more-ish.